Good Dogs travel every week from the South to the Northeast aboard USDA-certified professional transport carriers. We utilize the services of several transporters to bring our Good Dogs safely to their Forever Families in the Northeast. Prior to travel, each dog receives a veterinary health certificate, certifying that the dog is in good health with no transmissible diseases. The transport cost is included in your adoption fee. When the adoption process is complete, a transporter will be chosen (depending on your location) and complete information about your Happy Dog’s transporter will be provided for you.

About Mighty Mutt

Mighty Mutts Shipping (Transport Service) is located in Nashville, TN. As animal lovers, they started helping with animal transports in 2000 and eventually their volunteer work developed into a full time job. They realized the need for safe, affordable transport for the many rescue animals going to new homes up North from rescue groups in the South.

The Team

Mighty Mutt Shipping has become the premier rescue transport organization in the Southeast servicing the New England area. Mighty Mutts has transported thousands of animals that would otherwise have been euthanized due to lack of space in southern animal shelters.

The Mission

Their mission is to consistently provide a safe and affordable transport option for animals in need and promote the need to spay/neuter pets through education and making it one of their transport requirements. They provide multiple delivery locations in the Northeast but, due to time and cost constraints, they are not a door to door delivery service.

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