P.E.T.S. (Peterson Express Transport Service) is a family run business started by husband and wife team, Kyle and Pam Peterson.  P.E.T.S. was the first commercial pet transport service dedicated to the rescue community and has become the premier rescue transport service in the Southeast.

P.E.T.S. mission is to consistently provide a safe and affordable transport option for dogs in need. P.E.T.S. provides many pick up points around the Southeast as well as multiple drop off locations in New England. Due to time and cost constraints, P.E.T.S. is not a 'door to door' delivery service.

 P.E.T.S. utilizes converted horse trailers to transport the dogs. Each trailer is climate controlled and equipped with USDA approved travel crates for the dogs. Each dog rides in his own crate and has constant access to water while en route. Frequent stops are made along the way for exercise and potty breaks. Since 2004, the Peterson's have helped save more than 38,000 animals that otherwise would have been euthanized.

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